10 Top Volunteer Incentives


Every year, every team seems to go through the same ritual: How to thank the team manager. (And maybe the team treasurer, the social coordinator, the water bottle hauler.) So you take up a little collection and then you start asking around. Does this person like coffee? Movies? Golf? You buy a gift card, sign a card and you’re done. There you go: A perfectly forgettable gift that is gone in no time. This year, think about more personal gifts that don’t get lost in the shuffle of daily life:

  1. Insulated travel mug
  2. Hot/cold clear acrylic cup
  3. Stadium/tailgate foam cup holder for your favorite team
  4. Smartphone gloves
  5. Stadium blanket
  6. Spiritwear for your association
  7. Car wash, detailing, car scents
  8. Dinner out with reservations and babysitting money
  9. Tickets for a favorite experience: movies, comedy club, hockey game
  10. Top-of-the-line anything: golf balls, nail polish, car wax

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Kelly Anton for this story.


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