Build Your Skills

AS YOU’LL SEE IN THIS GUIDE, HockeyShot has all kinds of great training aids for taking your ice hockey game to the next level . But most people want to star t with the basics—the most obvious skills . When it comes to hockey, the first thing that comes to mind is shooting the puck . Then you might star t thinking about stickhandling and passing, then finally improving skating and overall strength and agility . So, sticking with the obvious, the bare minimum you need for off-ice training is:

  1. A hockey stick, preferably not your on-ice stick
  2. A simulated ice sur face such as a shooting pad or dryland flooring tiles
  3. A puck, training puck or ball

Shooting pads work well if you have limited space as they are easy to move and store . If you’re lucky enough to have dedicated space such as a basement or unused garage, the HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles let you create a slippery, smooth, custom sur face area for training.