Dryland Training

ICE TIME IS SIMPLY TOO PRECIOUS to be used for conditioning. Fortunately, it’s easy to work on the speed, strength, stamina, agility and reaction time necessary for ice hockey while off-ice. And even more fortunately, various training aids make dryland training challenging and fun.

“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard—you’ll be hard to beat.” —Herschel Walker

Stamina…My 7-year-old gets tired easily but he’s pretty young to go out running. Any ideas? Many coaches say if you only have one training aid, it should be a jump rope. They’re inexpensive, appropriate for any age, portable and flexible enough for a workout of any intensity. Join your kids with your own jump rope to make it extra fun.

Agility…How can I improve my agility and balance off-ice? It seems like the best way to improve my skating is through more skating. Unless you have your own skating rink or year-round frozen pond, it’s hard to skate as much as you want or need to. But you can work on aspects of skating and your entire game with an Agility Dryland Training Set. The set includes speed hurdles for agility, reaction balls to increase reaction time, an agility ladder for quick feet drills, saucer cones for shuttle runs and slaloms and jump ropes for cardiovascular workouts.