SHORT OF SPENDING MORE THAN A GRAND on a puck shooting machine (to say nothing of the cost of shipping it!), can you really practice goaltending off-ice without players shooting and pucks flying? Well, first off, being goal requires phenomenal strength, endurance and flexibility, all of which can be developed off-ice with many of the options in this guide. Second, you can create a training environment for practicing saves that doesn’t put you in the line of fire.

“From the moment Primitive Man first lurched erect, he and those who came after him survived on the principle that when something hard and potentially painful comes at you at great velocity, you get the hell out of its path. Goalkeepers throw themselves into its path.” —Jim Taylor

Coordination…My daughter is trying goalie for the first time this year. To get started practicing off-ice, what does she really need? The two most basic things you need for practicing saves off-ice are a G1 Extreme Slide Board–Goaltender Model and a Reaction Ball. Tossing the ball against a wall or up in the air, then diving to save it on the slideboard helps with hand-eye coordination, reaction time, lateral speed, agility, coordination, balance and explosive power. The six-sided ball bounces and leaps unpredictably—like a puck coming from various directions and repeated movements on the board train the core muscles to move together.