YOU CAN’T BE A GREAT ICE HOCKEY PLAYER without being a great skater. After all, hockey players move faster than players in any other team sport, according to the Speed, strength and technique all come into play when you’re working to be the first one to the puck, get through traffic to the net and stay on your feet. While nothing quite replicates the feel of blades on ice, you can practice and perfect many parts of skating off-ice.

“The top three worst things I’ve seen in hockey? The invention of the trap. The invention of the morning skate. And the invention of the extremely ugly uniform.” —Brett Hull

Speed…I’m short and often competing against guys who have a foot or more on me. How can I get to the puck first when their legs are so much longer? The best way to increase your speed is to lengthen your stride and strengthen your legs. Both of these are easy to do at home with a Powerslide Hockey Slideboard. You can use these portable boards anywhere—and combine it with a shooting pad and hockey stick for a full hockey experience. Many types of slideboards are available for different needs.

Strength…How can I increase that first little burst of speed coming off the bench? Training with skate weights helps add explosiveness while building speed and endurance. Options include: