Chest & Arm Protectors

More than any other piece of goalie equipment, the chest and arm protector is solely for protection. When considering a new purchase, the goalie should not factor in style, design or color. Comfort is key. The perfect chest and arm protector provides maximum protection as well as the greatest mobility and flexibility, allowing the goalie to easily react to shots.

Highly skilled goalies should look for top-of-the-line chest and arm protection to ensure the most innovative protective materials are used in its construction. This guarantees the most technologically advanced materials are used in the protection aspect as well as in the weight of the pad. Lighter pads provide the goalie with more agility. However, a high-end chest and arm protector will not serve its purpose if it is not fitted properly. Chest and arm pads that are too small do not provide enough protection to the goalie’s body, and pads that are too large hinder the goalie’s movement and overall mobility.

Fitting Chest & Arm Protectors

Goalie chest and arm pads protect the upper body and arms. For proper protection, the shoulders should fit comfortably into both shoulder cups, and the pads should extend to the waist. The pads are equipped with adjustment straps that allow you to alter the fit of the arms, chest, and back to achieve a comfortable fit. The arms can be adjusted so your elbows fit comfortably in the elbow cups. If the arm pads are too long, they will interfere with your catcher and blocker gloves. The arms should extend about 1.5″ above your wrist bone.